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Performance Management

Performance Management and Performance Measurement have been traditionally associated with Performance Indicators and External Inspection. Performance Management is actually about defining our priorities and strategies, communicating them, measuring their success in order to improve performance. With the abolition of the local government inspection regime in 2010, we have been able to develop an approach to Performance Management that is suited to the organisation.

The last Audit Commission Comprehensive Performance Assessment Inspection Report published in 2009 assessed us as 'Good'. In 2004 we has been assessed as 'Fair' and the Audit Commission acknowledged that the "improvements in leadership, more effective partnership working and a culture of continuous improvement, as well as improved outcomes for local residents, means the council is now rated as 'good’". Although the CPA inspection regime has been removed, we still strive to be an 'Excellent' council as is reflected in our current Corporate Priorities.

Although we continuously review and improve our approach to performance management to ensure it meets our requirements, we still value the principles of our Performance Management Framework and Data Quality Strategy.

Each year we publish a Delivery Plan of key projects, measures and targets that help us keep track of the progress we are making towards achieving the goals in Corporate Management Team, Scrutiny and Cabinet and our latest performance reports are published.

Each service produces Service Improvement Plans that are managed via Performance Clinics (including all members of CMT).

If you want to find out more about performance of the area you live in, visit My Property and North Yorkshire County Council's Neighbourhood Profiles.

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