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Fly tipping

Fly tipping is illegal and anyone caught dumping waste may face legal action.

If you discover fly tipped waste, DO NOT TOUCH IT. It may contain hazardous material, and you could disturb the evidence that can lead to the fly tippers prosecution.

Report fly tipping

When reporting fly tipping, please provide as many details as possible to ensure waste can be dealt with quickly:

  1. A detailed location of the fly tipping, please provide as much information as possible using landmarks and road numbers.
  2. What has been tipped, how much and what it looks like.
  3. Car registration if known or vehicle details.

Private Land

The Environmental Protection Team deal with the investigation and enforcement of fly tipping on private land.

Where the waste consists of garden cuttings or rubble and there is no evidence of who has dumped the waste, then we are very limited in what action can be taken. In the majority of cases, investigations will only take place where evidence exists, which may point to who is responsible or witnesses can provide statements that can be followed up.

We are not responsible for waste clearance from private land. If we cannot find who was responsible for the tipping, removing the waste is the responsibility of the landowner.

Contact Environmental Protection to report fly tipping on private land.

Public land

Environmental Services deal with removal of fly tipping on public land. All instances of fly tipping on public land should be reported straight away:

Public register

The Environmental Agency has provided a public register of waste carriers and brokers for members of the public and commercial businesses. This checks if the carriers and brokers of waste are registered.

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