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Street Cleaning

The roads and pavements of Harrogate district are swept clean by a small team of street cleaners. They clean some 350km of streets in Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon, and another 1,100km in the rest of the district in a planned programme.

Other services provided by the Street Cleaning team are listed below. Please contact customer services on 01423 500 600 for further information on any of the following:

  • Community litter picks
  • Emptying of litter and dog waste bins
  • Dealing with dog fouling
  • Removal of litter
  • Removal of offensive graffiti from council buildings (not private buildings)
  • Removal of fly tipping
  • Removal of leaves in autumn
  • Specialist gum removal
  • Special cleaning requests on private land

You can report street cleaning problems in the following ways:

Out of Hours Emergencies

There is no out of hours service for:

  • special works
  • litter bins
  • flyposting
  • fly tipping / dead animal (unless a danger to public and on public land)

Phone 01423 556 300 for urgent assistance that represents a hazard to the public.

Contact Us:

Street cleaning problems

Street cleansing problems should be reported by calling 01423 500 600. Parks have their own response team to attend to problems with full bins, litter, flyposting and fly tipping problems and dog fouling issues. Call 01423 500 600

You can also report online via FixMyStreet

Customer Services

Tel: 01423 500 600
Contact Us
Please be aware, incoming and outgoing calls may be recorded for quality, accuracy and training purposes.

Let us know if you have a: