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Paying Your Rent

There are several ways in which you can pay your rent:

  • by Direct Debit
  • by phone
  • pay online
  • in person
  • by post

By Direct Debit

If you have a bank account, you can pay your rent by monthly Direct Debit.

When you pay by Direct Debit we will work out how much rent you have to pay for the remainder of the current financial year and divide it by the number of months left in the current financial year over which we are able to collect payments. You have the option of a pay date of the 1st or 15th of each month. Your Housing office can advise you how much your payments will be.

If your rent changes during the year as a result of housing benefit, this figure will be recalculated by the council for the remaining instalments and you will be sent a letter telling you what the new monthly payment will be.

By phone

Harrogate Borough Council's telephone payment line is 01423 556174, which is available 24 hours and is automated.

You can pay your rent using a debit card but we do not currently accept credit cards for rent payments.

Pay online

"EasyPay" online payment service provides:

  • 24 hour service convenience
  • secure payments
  • pay all your Harrogate Borough Council bills and notices

Paying at the Post Office

You can pay your rent by cash or cheque at any Post Office in the Harrogate district. Please note that if you are paying at a Post Office, you must pay by the end of Thursday for the payment to reach your rent account that week. Please take your payment card with you.

Paying at any retailer showing the Paypoint logo

You may also pay at any retailer in the United Kingdom displaying the Paypoint logo. There are several shops, newsagents and garages in the Harrogate district that have this service. Please pay by the end of Thursday to ensure that you are not in arrears. Please take your payment card with you.

By Post

You can send cheques or postal orders through the post to one of the Neighbourhood Housing Offices. Please make them payable to "Harrogate Borough Council" and remember to write your name, address and your rent reference number on the back of your cheque. Please do NOT send your payment card.

If you are paying for a garage please make this clear and remember to give the reference number for the garage and not your home.

By Bank Standing Order

If you have a current account, you can set up a Standing Order through your bank or building society to pay your rent weekly or monthly. If your rent changes whilst you are paying by Standing Order, you must contact the bank or building society and ask them to change the amount to be paid. There is a time delay in the money being taken from your bank account and reaching your rent account by this method. So you may be asked to make extra payments in advance to ensure that your rent account does not fall into arrears whilst the Standing Order is being set up.

Help with paying your rent

If you need help paying your rent you may be entitled to Housing Benefit or your Housing Officer could give you advice and assistance on paying your rent.

Rent Arrears

If you are in arrears we will try and reach a realistic agreement for you to repay the amount due over a period of time. The council follows a legal procedure to recover arrears.

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