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Atkinson Grimshaw: Painter Of Moonlight

Available only from the Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate

Atkinson Grimshaw: Painter of Moonlight
Editor: Jane Sellars, Curator of Art, the Mercer Art Gallery       
Publisher: Harrogate Borough Council
£20 plus p&p
In 2011 visitors flocked to the Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate in their thousands to see the first major public art gallery show of Atkinson Grimshaw’s paintings for over 30 years.
About the book:
Atkinson Grimshaw:Painter of Moonlight brings together essays by a range of different art experts: Frank Milner looks at Grimshaw’s early Pre Raphaelite stye works; Edwina Ehrman considers his passion for objets d’arts; Mark Bills examines Grimshaw’s London years, and Jane Sellars explores his relationships with women both in art and in life.
About the artist:
Atkinson Grimshaw was a Victorian artist who became famous for his sombre views of the dockyards and his nocturnal scenes of urban lanes with leafless trees silhouetted against the moonlight sky.  The towns and docks that he painted most frequently were Glasgow, Liverpool. Leeds, Scarborough, Whitby and London.  These works have become his best known though he also painted  landscapes, portraits, interior scenes, fairy pictures and neo-classical subjects
Born in Leeds, the son of an ex-policeman, Grimshaw first took up painting while he was a clerk for the Great Northern Railway, and by 1861 he had abandoned his job to become a full-time artist. 
Paperback edition only, page size 28 x 25 cms, 180 pages, over 150 colour illustrations.
Signed copies available
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