Ripon skate park

Ripon skate park opened in October 2014 and is a £150,000 purpose-built facility designed for use by skateboards, BMX and scooters.

It's located on the site of the old skate park behind Ripon Leisure Centre in Dallamires Lane (HG4 1TT).

Funded by the Ripon bike park project through lots of community fundraising, the skate park is twice the size of the old one. It includes small quarter pipes and standard quarter pipes, a jump box, pump roller, set off stairs, hubba ledge with wallie ends, spine section with volcano, escalating coping/kicker into quarter pipe, flat bank extension and tight transition hip, blended to driveway, among other features.

Valley Gardens skate park

Valley Gardens Skate Park opened in May 2011 and is a purpose-built spray concrete design for use by skateboards, BMX bikes and scooters.

The skate park cost £140,000 to build and was financed by Harrogate Borough Council and the Harrogate and district community safety partnership. It has a 1.5m high bowl, a tear drop volcano, 1.8m quarter pipe, 0.75m steep brick bank with grind blocks, a brick half pipe with grind over gap, a hubba ledge and grind rail and a pyramid hip with curved grind block.

A new tarmac path has been added around the bowl and new steps have been put in to improve access to the viewing area. The mound has been landscaped and reseeded, and a picnic table has been placed on the new flat area for spectators.

Check out this YouTube video filmed at the park.

Knaresborough skate park

There's a modular skate park in Halfpenny Lane, with metal ramps and rails.

Guidelines for safe use

A set of guidelines has been developed with the skate park users to help ensure that everyone has fun while staying safe.

Users are asked not to ride or skate through the Valley Gardens and to dismount as they leave the skate park. Skating and BMXing are fast-paced sports and we don't recommend that very young children use the skate park, especially at peak times, as it could be dangerous.

The skate park has its own Facebook page where events and discussions are posted.

Parks staff regularly pick up litter and the skate park is checked regularly for faults by the senior playground inspector.