Anywhere wild animals are kept for public exhibition needs a licence from us.

Before applying, we suggest you read the zoo licence guidance.

Existing licence holders and anyone planning to apply for a licence should also read the Zoo Licensing Act 1981 guide to the Act's provisions.

Apply for a licence

Two months before making an application, you should send a notification of intention to us. You must publish notice of intention in one local and one national newspaper two months before you apply.

A zoo licence application form must be sent to us with the correct fee, plus vet fees*, this licence will last four years.

To renew a licence, a zoo licence renewal application form must be sent to us with the renewal fee, plus vet fees*. This licence will last six years.

Application form
Application form - renewal
Guidance notes

Licence fees

For more information, please contact us.

Online enquiries form

Visits to the licensing service are by appointment only. Please call us on 01423 500600 or email at