Charter for the bereaved

We have adopted the national charter for the bereaved, which aims to improve burial and cremation services and the experience of funerals for those who are bereaved.

Run by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM), we have to satisfy 35 basic funeral rights to become a charter member.

In annual assessments, our bereavement services team has scored consistently highly, reaching the Gold standard, proving it is committed to providing an excellent, constantly improving service designed to meet your needs.

The charter:

  • seeks to educate people about bereavement. It also helps to influence the expansion of services and clarify the roles and responsibilities of those involved. It is a written statement of what can be expected and enables people to judge the quality of the service received
  • enables you to recognise a responsive service, one that meets your expectations and one that is delivered with the right attitude and with a genuine desire to be helpful. Where these human qualities are combined with the requirements of the charter, the highest standards are achieved
  • gives you greater influence over the arrangements of funerals, helping to control costs and obtain greater satisfaction

Guiding principles

To complement the charter, the ICCM has published a set of guiding principles which we have also adopted. The first principle summarises the commitment of the council's bereavement services team to "manage with competency and efficiency, to ensure that the entire bereavement experience occurs without error or insensitivity, and meets the religious, secular, ethnic and cultural needs of the bereaved".