Information and advice on household waste

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You should put your wheelie bin, boxes and bags at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day.

For information on household waste recycling centres please visit North Yorkshire County Council website.

We operate on an alternate weekly collection service. This means one week we collect your kerbside recycling (in two black boxes and two blue bags), and the next week we collect your residual waste (in a black wheelie bin). Households that are not suitable for a wheelie bin will have a maximum of two rubbish sacks collected each week.

We use black boxes and blue bags to ensure the recycling collected is the best quality to send to the recycling reprocessors. Ensuring the right things go in the right containers means all recycling you collect gets recycled without being contaminated. Recycling that contains contamination (the wrong items or food waste/residues) costs more to dispose of at the recycling facility and the recycled material produced can be of lower quality. The boxes and bags allow our crews to easily check whether the recycling is contaminated.

It costs considerably more to dispose of waste that is not collected in your kerbside recycling containers.

We know sometimes it can be confusing to know what materials go in your box, bag or bin so we have a handy recycling leaflet to help you.

The containers you need are

Two black recycling boxes. Please wash and squash your recycling

  • glass bottles and jars of any colour
  • plastic bottles, shampoo and cleaning product bottles with lids/trigger spray nozzles on
  • plastic yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, light coloured and clear plastic food trays
  • food tins/drinks cans (aluminium or steel)
  • tin foil, foil trays and foil dishes
  • cardboard food and drinks cartons
  • empty aerosol containers such as air fresheners, deodorant cans, shaving foam

Two blue bags. Please flatten cardboard boxes and cut them down to fit in the blue bag

  • newspapers, magazines and brochures
  • shredded paper, junk mail, office paper any colour and envelopes including windows. Please protect yourself against identity fraud - don't throw out anything with your name, address or financial details without shredding it first
  • wrapping paper
  • telephone directories and catalogues
  • clean paper bags
  • clean card such as cereal boxes, food packaging (frozen food/ ready meals), greetings cards and egg boxes
  • brown cardboard and corrugated cardboard packaging (flattened and cut down to fit in the bag)

One black wheelie bin for

  • non-recyclable waste only

One wheelie bin with a brown lid for

Please do not include the following in your recycling collections:

  • batteries
  • broken glass
  • Pyrex or cookware glass
  • ceramics
  • glasses or spectacles
  • light bulbs
  • paint cans
  • other metals
  • dark plastic food trays
  • wrapping paper made with glitter or foil
  • plastic bags, plastic wrapping or bubble wrap inside cardboard boxes
  • string
  • pizza/fast food takeaway boxes
  • cardboard with food on

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