Make a building control application

Important information

It is important to remember that if you are the person (for example, designer, builder, installer) carrying out building work to which any requirement of the building regulations applies you have a responsibility to ensure that the work complies with any such requirement. The building owner may also have a responsibility for ensuring compliance with building regulation requirements and could be served with an enforcement notice in cases of non-compliance.



Fees are chargeable for work covered by the building regulations.

Building control is a competitive service and it is because of this that we do not publish our prices.

Therefore in order to offer our customers the most competitive pricing possible, it is best if we can fully understand the nature and extent of the proposed building work prior to offering a quotation.

To obtain advice on the fees for your project please either give us a call or email us at with details of the proposal and we will get back to you as soon as we have had a chance to review them.

To avoid any confusion it is important that we confirm our charges in writing to you which can help to resolve any fee problems before the application is submitted and also help at the validation stage.

Please contact us at Alternatively please call on 01423 556555 or 01423 556601 for advice on the fees.

To pay for your building control application by debit or credit card* please go to payments, select the appropriate service and note your receipt number and transaction date on your application form, or enclose a copy of your receipt.

Completed forms and plans should be sent to Harrogate Borough Council, Planning Services, PO Box 787, Harrogate, HG1 9RW.