Request a building control inspection

Regular site inspections are carried out to make sure building work meets the minimum standards required by the building regulations.

The responsibility lies with the property owner to ensure building control are notified at the relevant stages, but the call can be made by the builder on your behalf.

These specific “statutory inspections,” required under the building regulations, allow us to see the construction process at key stages of the work. A one-off charge covers an unlimited number of site visits. The building control surveyor may need to visit at other times during the construction process, depending on the type of work being carried out.

To request a site inspection:

Completion inspections

When the work is finished, and after a completion inspection, a completion certificate will be issued to the owner of the property providing that:

  • all relevant site inspections have been carried out, and
  • the completed work is in accordance with the approved plans, or complies with current building regulations

It's strongly recommended that this inspection is carried out before your builder leaves the site and before any final payments are made.