Economic Growth Strategy

We've worked hard to do all we can to support our local economy recover from the coronavirus crisis. In the first instance, we're helping businesses reopen after lockdown and thrive in the longer term. We published an economic recovery plan and a summary document which sets out our proposals. These are 'live' documents so will be updated as the response to coronavirus changes. You can now read about the key outcomes and outputs.

Growing business and creating high-value jobs in the Harrogate district is the focus of our Economic Growth Strategy 2017-2035. To date, our work has included supporting over 100 local businesses to progress their growth plans and achieve their job creation ambitions.

With bespoke support from the council's growth managers, over £1m of grant funding was awarded in the past year to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), contributing towards the expansion of premises, machinery, IT development, exporting activity and employee training.

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The Economic Growth Strategy for the Harrogate district (2017-2035) aims to adopt a co-ordinated, corporate approach to prioritise and support 'good growth' in the district, to achieve a sustainable and resilient economy by 2035 (featuring new higher value jobs, an increase in gross value added (GVA) and a boost in average workplace wages to at least the regional average).

This aim will be achieved by delivering interventions in the following strategic themes:

  • land and buildings for growth
  • skills for growth - please see the Skills for Growth Action Plan 2019-2024
  • targeted business support
  • conditions for growth: digital and telecoms
  • conditions for growth: transport
  • branding and promotion

The interventions within these key themes will focus on four key sectors

  • creative and digital
  • financial and professional services
  • logistics
  • scientific research and development

This new economic growth strategy is all about providing a long-term framework to build on our strengths, address our challenges, create effective partnerships and deliver positive, focused interventions to create a more sustainable economy for the future.