Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise business support programme assists eligible businesses to improve performance and achieve business growth, by investing in appropriate digital technologies and solutions. To date Digital Enterprise has helped over 1,300 businesses to develop their digital capabilities - so they can improve how they operate, offer new products and services, expand their customer base and ultimately grow.

Can Digital Enterprise help your business too?

Digital Enterprise 2.0 is now open! Digital Enterprise 2.0 is an enhanced programme of support, including funding to invest in digital technology and opportunities to develop digital skills.

You may be looking to undertake a digital transformation project so that your business can grow, such as introducing new IT hardware or software, upgrading your digital/broadband to a faster, more reliable connection, developing your website, commissioning a new CRM system or installing internet telephony. Alternatively, you may be looking to improve your knowledge and skills so that you can take advantage of the digital opportunities available. Digital Enterprise 2.0 can help you become digitally savvy and cover the costs of your digital investment.

To see if your business is eligible for support from Digital Enterprise please use the eligibility checker. Eligible businesses can register now.

To find out further information please visit the Digital Enterprise website or contact our SME Growth Managers, Alistair Forbes and Beata Olah. Please call 01423 500600 x58256 or email [email protected].

Case Study: Growth of Harrogate district company supported by Digital Enterprise funding

A successful application to the Digital Enterprise programme has seen Network Scientific, a specialist recruitment agency, secure funding for investment in a new website and a specialist CRM system. Providing services for the scientific, medical, laboratory and engineering sectors across the UK, the company were looking to develop efficiencies and process improvements to fulfil potential for further growth. Following a recommendation from another Harrogate based business, Network Scientific contacted the SME Growth Manager, Alistair Forbes.

With Alistair's support in securing Digital Enterprise funding, the company has seen an increase in website enquiries and improvements to client management that have led to business growth of 20% year on year.

With any enquiry about the Digital Enterprise Support Programme or to find out more about what further business support is available for your business, please contact our SME Growth Managers, Alistair Forbes and Beata Olah. Please call 01423 500600 x58256 or email [email protected].