Carbon reduction strategy

The council supports measures to address the climate emergency as outlined by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), so we have agreed a carbon reduction strategy with the aim of adapting it to meet IPCC targets and a final goal of carbon neutrality.

Our current carbon reduction strategy.

Our overall vision is that by 2038 we will have a net zero-carbon economy. The council's own operations will be clean and efficient, and we will play a positive role enabling the wider district to achieve net-zero emissions

To deliver this vision we are focusing on the eight priority areas

  • domestic energy demand reduction
  • sustainable transport
  • land use and agriculture
  • engaging businesses and public sector partners
  • influencing new development
  • council buildings and Harrogate Convention Centre
  • operational and staff transport
  • working practices

We have set up the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition. This group includes businesses, volunteers and the public sector working together to promote carbon reduction throughout the Harrogate District.

We will produce and regularly review an action plan to tackle these priorities, and we will publicly report our own emissions every year.

Our latest carbon footprint report.