Article 4 directions remove all or some of the permitted development rights on a site. They're designed to bring under planning control types of development that wouldn't normally need planning permission, often to protect the likes of conservation areas from works that could harm their character.

There are three directions in force in Harrogate:

  • Victoria Avenue: removes the rights of owners of properties used as offices to convert them to residential use
  • The Stray: the owners of particular houses or flats in the conservation area must apply for planning permission to install solar and photovoltaic (PV) panels on roofs visible from The Stray to preserve the area's character and appearance
  • Harrogate conservation area: the article 4 direction restricts the painting of buildings in a bid to stem the increasing number of owners painting properties in a way considered detrimental to the look of the area

Also, there are two article 4 directions in Great Ouseburn. They cover solar and PV panels and alterations to some buildings in the conservation area.