Current consultations
Wheelie bin trial for recycling - closes on Friday 31 March 2023
A new council tax reduction scheme for North Yorkshire Council
Electric vehicle charging point survey
Rapid charging points
My Health, My Tech survey

Wheelie bin trial for recycling

In May 2022 we started a trial to replace black boxes for recycling with a new blue-lidded wheelie bin. The amount we recycle is increasing each year and to improve the way we collect it, we want to see if a wheelie bin is more efficient, allowing residents to recycle more and making collections less physically demanding for our collection crews. The areas chosen for this trial are those areas where the amount and quality of the recycling presented by the community each fortnight is excellent.

Please only complete this survey if you are part of the trial and have a blue-lidded bin for recycling.

The closing date is Friday 31 March 2023.

A new council tax reduction scheme for North Yorkshire Council

From 1 April next year, there will be a new single council in North Yorkshire, replacing the seven district and borough councils and the county council. Currently, the seven district and borough councils all have slightly different schemes for council tax reduction, and by law, there has to be a single scheme covering the whole of the North Yorkshire area. All eight councils have been working together on proposals for a scheme that is more supportive, with the maximum level of reduction for the people most in need. The aim is that the single scheme will make claiming easy and provide up to 100 percent support for households on the lowest incomes.

The council tax reduction scheme consultation closed at midnight on 25 September. The new North Yorkshire Council executive will consider all comments and feedback in October, before making a final decision in November.

Electric vehicle charging point survey

We are exploring the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging points within the district. We would like feedback from residents, businesses and visitors to gauge the level of need to inform our decision-making process for the next stages of our rollout of EV charging points. We are unable to provide on-street charging points we will share the feedback with our colleagues at North Yorkshire County Council and explore alternative arrangements if possible. We are also supporting a University of Leeds student with their degree course and would appreciate you taking the time to complete this short survey questionnaire.

Rapid charging points

We have been operating rapid charging points at the civic centre since December 2017. We are seeking user feedback so that we can improve the service and provide better value for the customer and the council.

We would appreciate your feedback to help us to make these improvements.

My Health, My Tech

Let the North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board know your ideas for future digital health services

They would like you to share your ideas about how digital technology can be developed to provide better, more joined-up health and wellbeing services in the future.

For further information and to complete the survey please visit