Contaminated land inspection strategy

Our contaminated land inspection strategy 2020-2025 sets out how we will identify and remove risks to health and the environment from past contamination of Harrogate district land.

Redevelopment on contaminated land

We promote the clean-up and re-use of brownfield sites and potentially contaminated land.

Planning control guidance

Potentially contaminated land needs special planning controls under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

We also recommend you read the guidance for development on land affected by contamination from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Pollution Advisory Group, which we have adopted.

Contaminated assessment

If you're thinking of developing a site that has perhaps been contaminated, a contamination assessment screening assessment form must be submitted with the planning application. If you're unsure about what information needs to be submitted with your planning application, please contact us beforehand. It could save a lot of time.

If the first assessment reveals contamination, a more in-depth site investigation will be needed, including sampling. The report should be submitted to us for approval. Any remedial works recommended will need to be carried out to ensure that the land is safe and suitable for use.

For further information please contact environment protection on 01423 500600 or by emailing