Asbestos and your home

Asbestos can be found in any building built before the year 2000.

Any home, including houses, bungalows and flats built by us and our predecessors, could contain something called asbestos containing materials (ACM) but if it's in good condition and not disturbed, there's no danger to you and your family.

We take our responsibility for managing ACM in our buildings seriously, and will always take the necessary precautions when working on ACM - that is anything that contains asbestos fibres - in your home.

We'll tell you if our contractors are going to do any work in your home that might involve disturbing ACM and will use licensed contractors if we need to remove it.


If you're thinking of tackling some home improvements, or DIY, in your home, you must ask permission before you start work. It's part of your tenancy agreement.

We suggest you visit the Health and Safety Executive website which has some good advice about asbestos, where you can find it, how you should treat it and why it's dangerous if you're careless with it.

If you think you might disturb, cut, drill or damage anything with ACM, stop. It's much better to wait and seek advice than risk your health.

Contact property services

If you're concerned about asbestos in your home please contact us at or by calling 01423 500600. Staff will be happy to provide more information and advice.