Council housing emergency out of hours repairs

Our emergency repair service deals with urgent repairs outside our normal working hours.

Please note this service is for emergencies only. You will be charged for the service if your situation is not a real emergency, or if the problem has been caused by neglect or vandalism.

You can call the emergency team on 01423 556300.

The person you'll speak to has the discretion to decide what's an emergency and what isn't. As a guide, you can see a list of problems that might typically be considered an emergency.

You'll be asked some questions and you might be asked to try some things yourself before someone is sent to help you. If the situation can be controlled until the next day, we'll send someone to you as soon as possible during normal working hours.

If we agree the situation is an emergency, we have to come out and make your property safe. You must be available to wait in the property as we could call at any time.

A permanent repair isn't always possible, but our operative will at the very least make the situation safe until a full repair can be carried out during normal working hours.

If we respond to an emergency and you would normally be responsible for the repair, you'll be charged not only for the repair but also for the call-out.