Council housing rechargeable repairs

There are two types of repair you would be charged for as a council tenant:

  • when the damage has been caused by the tenant, a member of the household or an invited guest through misuse or negligence, or maliciously
  • if you've accidentally damaged something that you should normally repair yourself but you're unable to arrange the repair and ask our property services team to organise it

Repairs you should do yourself

The things you should normally repair or do yourself, at your own cost, include fixtures and fittings you've installed yourself, curtain poles, garden maintenance, minor plaster cracks and boundary fences. These are just a few examples. More detailed information is contained in your tenant handbook.

Vandalism or malicious damage caused by others

If you're reporting damage caused by others:

  • before you contact us to arrange the repair, you must report the incident to the police
  • you must get a police crime incident log number
  • you must give that crime number to us when you report the repair
  • if you can't provide a crime number, you may be charged for the repair


If we damage your decoration while carrying out major work, such as rewiring, you may be able to get a decoration grant to help towards the cost of decorating materials. It's usually given as a payment into your rent account, if you pay some or all of the rent yourself. If you're on full housing benefit and don't pay any rent yourself, the grant would usually be paid into your bank account.

Talk to the property services surveyor looking after the work project at your home, or contact your neighbourhood office, to find out more or apply for a grant.