Council housing repairs timescales

The minimum time you may have to wait for a repair varies between 24 hours and 30 working days, depending on the type of problem you report.

Council policy:

  • emergency repairs - first response within 24 hours
    This covers problems that might threaten you or your family's health, safety or security and can be fixed quickly. A full list of this type of work is on the right to repair page
  • urgent repairs - first response within four working days
    This covers problems that may cause you extreme nuisance or may lead to damage to your home, or a risk to you or your family's health or safety if not seen to quickly enough. Some "qualifying repairs" under the right to repair scheme fall into this category and are listed on the right to repair page
  • prompt repairs - first response within 10 working days
    Problems that cause you unreasonable inconvenience and/or may become a much larger problem or repair if left for longer, such as a sticking front door, loose wash hand basin, loose or broken roof tiles, loose kitchen wall cupboard or a broken extractor fan
  • general repairs - first response within 30 working days
    Problems that don't really cause any major inconvenience or disturbance and aren't likely to get much worse. This could include repairs to wall tiles, plaster, kitchen worktops, floorboards, sticking windows or internal doors, external rendering, pointing or fencing