Council housing typical emergency situations

Typical problems that might need an emergency repair include:

  • you can't lock or secure your home
  • you can't get into your home
  • dangerous flooring or stairs
  • total loss of water supply
  • uncontrollable water leaks
  • unusable taps in the 'on' position
  • blocked toilets or soil and vent pipes (if only one in the property)
  • blocked drains (if backing up or spilling out)
  • missing inspection chamber covers
  • severely damaged or dangerous roofs
  • electrics sparking, smoking, very hot, or with bare wires
  • total loss of electric power
  • blocked chimney to open fire in use

Another problem is a total loss of heating or hot water during cold weather. During the “heating season” from 1 November to 30 April, our standard response time is 24 hours, but our contractor will respond as quickly as possible.

Calls are prioritised. For example, a frail, elderly person living alone would have high priority. How quickly we get to you depends on how busy we are.

If the heating can't be fixed during the visit, our contractor will try to arrange to lend you a temporary electric heater until the repair can be finished.