Second adult rebate

From 1 April 2017, second adult rebate is only available to people who have reached state pension age.

Second adult rebate is a type of council tax support you may be entitled to if you have other adults living with you.

You can claim it regardless of how much income or capital you personally have. It's based solely on the income levels of the other adults that live with you.

You can't claim it if you're married or have a partner. The only time it's paid in respect of a couple is if one or both of you are disregarded for council tax purposes.

A second adult must:

  • live with you
  • not be jointly liable for the council tax with you
  • not qualify for any other council tax discount
  • not pay rent to you

Usually, a second adult is a grown-up son or daughter who still lives in the family home, or is a friend or relative living with you. A boarder or lodger doesn't count.

Benefit rates are:

  • second adult(s) receiving a passported benefit - 25% deduction from council tax
  • second adults with gross income less than £206.00 per week - 15% deduction from council tax
  • second adults with gross income between £206.01 and £265.99 per week - 7.5% deduction from council tax
  • gross income above £266.00 per week - nil

Passported benefits are guarantee element of pension credit, income support, income-based jobseeker's allowance or income-related employment and support allowance.

Where there's more than one other adult in the property, the second adult rebate is based on the combined income of all the second adults.

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