About council tax, bands and charges

From 1 April 2023, North Yorkshire Council will replace the eight authorities currently providing district and county level services.

More information about the new council, including answers to frequently asked questions can be found on North Yorkshire County Council's website.

Your council tax pays for the delivery of essential services in our district, from ensuring policing levels are maintained, the fire service is on call 24 hours a day or local restaurants and takeaways food standards are kept at an acceptable level.

Council tax is charged on all residential properties in England. In North Yorkshire from 1 April 2023 council tax will be collected by North Yorkshire Council, but the money raised is spent not only by the council but by various other bodies including parish and town councils, police and fire and rescue services.

One council tax bill is sent to each property regardless of how many people live there.

Information on paying your council tax

How is my bill calculated?

The amount you pay depends on the valuation band of your property. Each residential property in the district is valued by the Valuation Office Agency and placed into a band from A to H. The bands are based on what a home might have sold for in April 1991.

The band your property falls into is shown on your council tax bill or can be found on the check your council tax band page on the government website. If you think your home is in the wrong band you can challenge your council tax band.

Your bill shows separate amounts for the various authorities named below, and a further amount for the adult social care precept.

Council tax increases 2023-2024

  2023-24 Band D level Percentage increase over 2022-23% Percentage of the overall tax bill
North Yorkshire Council - Harrogate area* £1,581.12 1.7% 73.2%
North Yorkshire Council Adult Social Care £202.05 2.0% 9.4%
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue £80.61 6.6% 3.7%
North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commission £295.09 4.99% 13.7%
Total £2,158.87 3.8% 100%

* For 2023/24 the North Yorkshire average Band D charge has been set at £1,759.96 - that is an increase of 4.99% on the charge for 2022/23. Of this increase, 2.99% relates to general council tax and 2% to the adult social care precept. However, for 2023/24 only, the actual rate you pay will be determined by which district the property is in as we seek to harmonise council tax rates for the new council.

Council tax charges 2023-24

The amounts for the different services for each valuation band can be seen in the table below.
Services provided by: Band A Band B Band C Band D
North Yorkshire Council - Harrogate area £1,054.08 £1,229.76 £1,405.44 £1,581.12
Adult Social Care £134.70 £157.15 £179.60 £202.05
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue £53.74 £62.70 £71.65 £80.61
North Yorkshire Police £196.73 £229.51 £262.30 £295.09
Total £1,439.25 £1,679.12 £1,918.99 £2158.87
Services provided by: Band E Band F Band G Band H
North Yorkshire Council - Harrogate area £1,932.48 £2,283.84 £2,635.20 £3,162.24
Adult Social Care £246.95 £291.85 £336.75 £404.10
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue £98.52 £116.44 £134.35 £161.22
North Yorkshire Police £360.67 £426.24 £491.82 £590.18
Total £2,638.62 £3,118.37 £3,598.12 £4,317.74

These figures do not include any parish precept or special expenses. The exact charge will vary depending on which parish area the property is in.

View all council tax charges in the Harrogate area

For information on parish precepts and Harrogate Charter Trustees please see the parish precept page.

What is the additional element relating to adult social care?

From 2016-17 the government has allowed councils that provide social care to adults to increase their share of council tax. This additional council tax charge is called the adult social care precept and is specifically ring-fenced to adult social care. It is a government requirement that this precept is shown as a separate line on the bill as a 2% increase. The actual calculation and further information on adult social care is available on the North Yorkshire County Council website.

What does my council tax pay for?

For more information on the services each authority provides, please use the links below:

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Council tax information for the previous financial years

Gross expenditure details of the precepting authorities for the previous financial years.

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