Parish precept

Parishes may charge a parish precept to fund the parish council and activities they undertake on behalf of your community. Each parish must forecast how much they are going to need in the following financial year. This is then divided by the number of properties in the parish that fall into council tax band D, in the same way as your Harrogate Borough Council council tax is calculated. Parishes where the precept is over £140,000 must provide a breakdown of their budget. Ripon City Council and Knaresborough Town Council have each set a precept over £140,000.

The council tax in your parish area

In areas where parish councils raise money through a parish precept, the basic Harrogate Borough Council band D council tax of £245.92 has to be increased. You can view the 2020/21 parish precepts for the Harrogate district.

Note, if your parish is not listed this is because they have taken the decision not to levy an additional charge to their residents.

Ripon City Council

Ripon City Council has set a balanced budget for 2020/21. The budget will allow for further continuation of the family friendly programme of events within the city and grant initiatives which include both small grants and monies for working in partnerships with other organisations to help deliver improvements in the city.

Funding continues towards the provision of a city wide bus service in 2020/21.

The council's budget from April 2020 will include:

  • £20,000 available for a small grant scheme
  • £18,000 available for working with partnership organisations to deliver services in the city
  • £80,000 as a strategic investment fund
  • £65,000 to provide a range of family events on the Market Square including events around VE Day, Summer Bank Holiday plus Christmas and New Year events
  • £20,000 to fund the running of Quarry Moor Park
  • £8,000 in respect of the Cabmen's Shelter restoration fund
Ripon City Council 2019/20 2020/21
Gross spending £464,330 £430,970
Net spending after use of balances £400,000 £400,000
Government grant £0 £0
Parish precept £400,000 £400,000
Parish band D tax £71.87 £71.89

Knaresborough Town Council

Knaresborough Town Council has set its budget for 2020/21 in order to allow for continued development of projects throughout the town working in partnership with other organisations to deliver improvements throughout.

The council's budget from April 2020 will include the following:

  • £15,000 available for a small grants scheme (available to any voluntary organisation/individual who can demonstrate a benefit to the town and its resident)
  • £33,000 for town development, including Conyngham Hall improvements, performance pavilion project, flower beds and other potential projects that council is involved/ looking to be involved with
  • £14,000 for proposed project manager role
  • £11,500 available for events throughout the year, including VE Day, Christmas and family events
  • £30,000 available for seasonal lighting
Knaresborough Town Council 2019/20 2020/21
Gross spending £148,050 £177,420
Net spending after use of balances £132,730 £142,730
Parish Precept £132,730 £142,730
Parish band D tax £23.17 £24.52

You can still view the 2019-20 parish precepts.