Parish precept

Parishes may charge a parish precept to fund the parish council and activities they undertake on behalf of your community. Each parish must forecast how much they are going to need in the following financial year. This is then divided by the number of properties in the parish that fall into council tax band D, in the same way as your council tax is calculated. Parishes, where the precept is over £140,000, must provide a breakdown of their budget. Ripon City Council and Knaresborough Town Council have each set a precept over £140,000.

The council tax in your parish area

In areas where parish councils raise money through a parish precept, the band D council tax of £2,158.87 has to be increased.

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Harrogate Charter Trustees

From 1 April 2023, the new North Yorkshire Council will replace the Borough and County Councils. Previously, Harrogate and Scarborough had borough status, which entitled them to have a mayor. The unparished areas of the town lie mostly in the urban centres and in the absence of an existing parish council, charter trustee areas have been established for these parts of the two boroughs. Charter trustee areas are intended to protect the historic property and traditions of an area, but they are not intended to act as administrative units. Trustees have no power in respect of providing services to residents and the trustees may carry out ceremonial functions only.

How are Charter Trustees funded?

Charter trustees have the ability to raise a precept in the same way as a parish council. The precept is incorporated into a local resident's council tax bill. However for the first year 2023/24, the principal council is required to anticipate the amount needed to discharge the functions of the charter trustees, and this amount is funded through a special expense shown on council tax bills.

What do Charter Trustees do?

Their role is purely ceremonial. The main duties of the Charter Trustees will be to maintain each town's civic regalia and other civic assets, and through the Charter Mayor and their Deputy to ensure the continuation of the civic and ceremonial traditions of each town.

Ripon City Council

Ripon City Council has set a balanced budget for 2023-24. Their budget will allow the council to maintain local grant initiatives which include both small grants and monies for working in partnerships with other organisations to help deliver improvements and support within the City. A review of the funding schemes in 2022 will lead to more local organisations being awarded longer term funding which will allow our partner organisations to plan better.

Ripon City Council continues to work with our partners at the Passenger Transport Executive for the provision of a city-wide bus service which will provide a much-needed service to residents and our budget includes funding towards a bus service. 

The budget continues to include an enhanced programme of family-friendly Ripon City Council events within the City which will provide a welcome boost to all and help to provide crucial support to the city's businesses and independent traders by drawing both residents and visitors into the city centre.

The council continues to invest in Hugh Ripley Hall, 2023-24 will see the completion of the external decorating to a conservation standard with the replacement of a number of rotten wooden windows to the rear elevation.

The council's budget from April 2023 will include the following:

  • Small Grants Scheme
  • Partnership Funding Scheme
  • funding towards a round Ripon Bus Service
  • community events on the Market Square
  • funding for the running of Quarry Moor
  • funding towards the continued improvement of/renovation of Hugh Ripley Hall
  • installation of toilets at the paddling pool to allow families to enjoy days out during the summer months
Ripon City Council 2021-22 2022-23 2023-24
Gross spending £407,570 £436,472 £522,619
Parish precept £400,000 £410,902 £420,000
Parish band D tax £70.77 £70.77 £70.71

Knaresborough Town Council

Knaresborough Town Council has set its budget for 2023-24 in order to allow for continued development of projects throughout the town working in partnership with other organisations to deliver improvements throughout. This budget also reflects the Town Council's decision to use some of the 2022-23 budget underspends and, through its grant funding process, continue to help the charity and voluntary sector in the Town.

The council's budget from April 2023 will include the following:

  • £25,000 available for a grant scheme (available to any local voluntary/charitable organisations that can demonstrate a need and the benefits to the Town and its residents)
  • £54,000 for Town Council projects or to support local projects, including to help prepare for opportunities presented by devolution
  • £27,000 for potential extra staffing to help deliver projects, identify potential funding for projects in the Town and to deliver quick fixes to general maintenance issues
  • £11,400 for potential Town Council-run events
  • £5,000 towards flower beds and Castle lighting maintenance
  • £15,500 general operating costs
  • £35,000 for the seasonal lighting contract, including a contingency for improvement to the scheme
Knaresborough Town Council 2022-23 2023-24
Gross spending £205,220 £241,100
Net spending after use of balances £151,420 £158,991
Parish Precept £151,420 £158,991
Parish band D tax £25.27 £25.85

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