Parking and garages for council tenants

We provide grants to tenants wanting to provide off-road parking on their property. This helps improve access, the look of the area and the security of roads and estates.

We'll pay up to half the cost of the work, up to a £300 maximum, once the work is completed and has been inspected. You need to contact your housing office before any work starts.


Garages £13.55 weekly (£16.26 for non-council tenants)
Garage sites £2.70 weekly (£3.00 for non-council tenants)
Car ports £2.70 weekly (£3.00 for non-council tenants)

Non-council tenants who rent a garage from us have to pay VAT.

The garages are for vehicles only.

Garage waiting list form

Town centre parking

A resident parking permit system applies in certain town centre areas.