Tenancy fraud is unfair and should be reported. People may be taking a home they are not entitled to, which is not fair to the thousands of people waiting to be rehoused.

The term is used to describe circumstances where social housing is improperly obtained, misused or wrongly occupied.

If you suspect someone is involved in tenancy fraud, you can let us know by completing the online form

Online form

Alternatively you can email us at tenancy.fraud@harrogate.gov.uk or call us on 01453 500600

The most common forms of tenancy fraud are:

Unlawful subletting

When a council tenant lets out their home without our knowledge or permission they are unlawfully subletting. It's a criminal offence punishable by large fines or imprisonment.

The tenant often continues to pay the rent for the property but charges rent to the person they are subletting to.

Obtaining housing by deception

When a person gets a council home by giving false information in their application, for example not telling us they are renting another property, they're committing tenancy fraud.

Wrongly claimed succession

When a tenant dies, there are rules about what should happen with the tenancy. Wrongly claimed succession is when someone who's not entitled under the rules tries to take over the tenancy.

Non-occupation by the tenant as their principal home

This is when a tenant has moved out to live somewhere else but hasn't told the council. The tenant might have moved in with family or friends.

Unauthorised home swapping

This is when two council tenants swap homes without the council's permission.