Councillors' allowances

Government regulations enable the council to pay various allowances to councillors.

Types of allowances

The members' allowances scheme sets out the amounts currently payable. Briefly, the allowances cover:

  • basic: payable to all elected members, unless they choose not to receive it
  • special responsibility: for office held, such as cabinet member or chair of planning committee
  • carer's: payable for the care of dependent children or other relatives
  • IT : to cover internet connection charges and consumables, such as printer cartridges
  • travel
  • subsistence
  • co-optees' allowances

The amounts of allowances can only be modified or altered by the council after recommendations from the independent remuneration panel. The panel members are independent of the council and nominations to serve are invited from, among others, the local business community and voluntary sector. Once set, the allowances are inflation-linked by one mechanism or another.

Allowances paid

Members' allowances paid to councillors in the following financial years:

Members' allowances paid

More information

If you'd like more information on members' allowances, please contact the democratic services manager by email at, in writing to Democratic Services, PO Box 787, Harrogate, HG1 9RW, or by telephone on 01423 500600.