Councillors' conduct

If you want to formally complain about the conduct of a borough or parish councillor, there are procedures to follow.

The matter should be one of misconduct under the council's code of conduct for members.

If you believe that one of the rules in the code has been broken, complete the complaint form and return it to the council's monitoring officer. The procedures that will then be followed are outlined in the code.

Complaint form - pdf version
Complaint form - word version

Each parish council has adopted its own code of conduct, which may or may not be the same as ours. A complaint against a parish councillor must relate to a breach of their adopted code.

For more advice on how to make a complaint, please contact the democratic services manager on 01423 500600, or by email at Specific advice about complaints against members can be obtained from the monitoring officer. Please call 01423 500600 or email