Forward plan of key decisions

The council publishes a forward plan which details the key decisions that are scheduled to be taken by the cabinet.

Key decisions can taken by the whole cabinet or individual cabinet members. Chief officers are also able to take some key decisions under delegated powers, but this happens rarely.

Key decisions

The council has fixed the following financial thresholds for deciding whether a cabinet decision is a key decision. It must involve:

  • revenue expenditure of £150,000 or more
  • savings of £50,000 or more
  • capital expenditure of £250,000 or more
    or be
  • decisions made by the chief executive, in exercise of emergency powers only, £300,000 or
  • decisions that will have a significant effect on those living or working in an area comprising two or more wards in the area of the authority

Key decisions can be subject to the overview and scrutiny call-in procedure. Only urgent key decisions aren't subject to this and don't have to be published in the forward plan.

For more information or advice on the forward plan, key decisions and call-in, please contact the democratic services manager at or call 01423 500600.