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Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is aggressive, intimidating or destructive behaviour that damages or destroys another person's quality of life. It is often thoughtless and lacks consideration for others and if not dealt with can badly affect communities.

See it - report it leaflet

Report anti-social behaviour

Different types of anti-social behaviour are dealt with by different organisations. We are committed to dealing with it and have an anti-social behaviour policy and procedure in place to help you understand how to report, or expect the council to deal with, anti-social behaviour cases.

Report the following to Harrogate Borough Council:

Report the following to North Yorkshire County Council:

  • pothole or road condition issue
  • street light problem - North Yorkshire County Council are responsible for maintaining the majority of street and footway lights in North Yorkshire (identifiable by a number painted in black on a yellow background on the lamp post)
  • parish light - for reporting parish lights only please contact North Yorkshire County Council on 01609 780780
  • damaged bus shelter
  • damaged pavement
  • pavement obstruction
  • flooding or drainage issue
  • traffic light problem
  • problem with a kerb
  • tree or hedge needing maintenance
  • verge problem
  • fault with cycle lane markings
  • road marking problem
  • road sign problem
  • problem with street furniture
  • a spillage
  • concern about an event
  • car sales or repairs on the highway
  • graffiti on control cabinets, bridges and highway structures

Report the following to North Yorkshire Police:

  • selling or taking illegal drugs
  • begging on the street
  • public drunkenness and rowdy behaviour
  • fighting
  • intimidation/harassment
  • hoax calls
  • threatening behaviour or gestures
  • vehicle related nuisance
  • throwing missiles
  • damage to vehicles
  • vandalism/graffiti
  • urinating in public
  • arson
  • dangerous dogs
  • anti social driving
  • violent behaviour

Reducing the impact of anti-social behaviour

Harrogate District Community Safety Partnership is working with ourselves, North Yorkshire Police, Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Youth Justice Service, Probation and other agencies to tackle anti-social problems in communities across the Harrogate district. We want to create neighbourhoods and town centres where people can live peacefully and enjoy facilities without the fear of crime or anti-social behaviour. Our partners support this aim and the reducing the impact of anti-social behaviour booklet explains how we can all work together and tackle anti-social behaviour using timely, good quality information and problem solving methods.