Egyptology collection

Harrogate's collection of Egyptology is internationally important and provides a fascinating insight into how the Ancient Egyptians lived all those centuries ago, and there is a permanent exhibition at the museum.

The objects were donated by two local collectors, Benjamin Kent (1884-1968) and James Roberts Ogden (1866-1940), who had created their collections in the late 19th century and early 20th century at a time when there was much research and excavation at the ancient sites in Egypt.

The collection can be divided into themes. You can discover objects from different pharaohs in our Royalty collection, objects from everyday life and death and burial.

We are discovering more about the stories of our Egyptology objects through cutting-edge science, such as carbon dating and Gas Chromotography, Mass Spectrometry (GCMS). Tiny samples used during this scientific research can reveal important information about what objects were used for and where their contents came from. They can date objects and even find out the different materials that make up objects. Discover more about the different scientific techniques used and what we have discovered about our collection through the science.

We are lucky to have as consultants experts Dr Stephen Buckley and Professor Joann Fletcher from the University of York. They are champions of Egyptology in Yorkshire and Joann may be familiar to you from her BBC work, such as Immortal Egypt who are undertaking this research.

At the museum you can see some beautiful objects such as the unique Anubis mask, Egyptian jewellery and a writing palette to name a few.

There is also plenty to get involved with during your visit and regular events about Egyptology to spark your interest.