Electric vehicles

We are keen to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles across Harrogate district as a more environmentally friendly alternative to petrol or diesel cars.

Electric vehicles offer a comparable driving experience to conventional vehicles, however they produce no emissions on our streets are very quiet as well as very cheap to run. Electric vehicles have potential beneficial impacts both in terms of improving air quality (in the form of reduced emissions of nitrogen dioxide and particulates) and through the reduction of carbon emissions.

We have developed a strategy to install electric vehicle charging points across the district. This strategy outlines how we plan to roll out charging infrastructure at a range of appropriate locations within the district boundary. The primary objective of the strategy is to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points in the district by establishing a network across the area to meet the needs of different user groups. Harrogate district has a number of air quality management areas, where the primary contributor to poor air quality is road transport. We are looking to support the transition to electric vehicles to improve air quality in the district.

Our air quality action plan recommends providing support for the uptake of ultra-low and zero emission vehicles and the developing electric vehicle charging strategy intends to provide the detail as to how we will go about that as a council.

Electric vehicle charging point survey

We are exploring the demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging points within the district. We would like feedback from residents, businesses and visitors to gauge the level of need to inform our decision making process for the next stages of our roll out of EV charging points. We are unable to provide on-street charging points we will share the feedback with our colleagues at North Yorkshire County Council and explore alternative arrangements if possible. We are also supporting a University of Leeds student with their degree course and would appreciate you taking the time to complete this short survey questionnaire.