Where to charge your car

Harrogate Civic Centre

Harrogate Civic Centre, just off Kings Road near the town centre, now includes three rapid chargers adjacent to three dedicated electric vehicle recharging bays. The chargers are ABB Terra 53 units which offer DC (CHAdeMO and CCS) charging at 50 kW and AC charging at 43kW. These chargers should therefore be able to be used by most electric vehicles.

Our postcode is HG1 2AE and the chargers are located in the lower level car park. Exit Kings Road onto St Luke's Avenue and you will see the Civic Centre in front of you. The charging point bays are on your right as you enter the site. We also have a café that is open during office hours so you can have a coffee whilst you charge up.



After customer feedback the rapid chargers now charge on a per kWh basis at 35p/kWh with a 50p connection fee. The maximum stay time has also been increased to 60 minutes. Payment can be made with a contactless credit or debit card or with a GeniePoint RFID card.

Other charging locations

Zap Map provides a current and comprehensive interactive map of charging points across the UK with handy filters and electric vehicle guides. Just type in 'Harrogate' in the search field.

According to Go Ultra Low, 96% of motorway services now have a rapid charger that will recharge your car to 80% in under 30 minutes.