Emergencies can have a significant effect on our daily lives. We can't prevent them happening but we can take steps to minimise their impact.

We work closely with partners, businesses and local groups to build resilient communities across the district. Resilient communities are better prepared to respond to emergency situations.

We aim to provide essential information on how you can help yourself, your family and your business prepare for and respond to an emergency in your community and support the emergency response.

As a council, under the Civil Contingencies Act we have a duty to:

  • identify which emergencies pose the greatest risk to the district
  • develop plans to deal with those risks
  • share information with partners and community groups
  • have business continuity plans in place to ensure we maintain our critical services during an emergency
  • warn and inform the public in the event of an emergency
  • provide business continuity advice and assistance to local businesses and voluntary organisations

The Emergency Planning Unit can be contacted on 01423 500600 or by emailing emergency planning.