Major incident recovery

Once the response to a major incident has been completed (this is often once all life has been saved or removed from danger) the incident will transition from the Response to the Recovery phase.

During the transition from Response to Recovery, the emergency services will hand over coordination to the Local Authorities. Local authorities are deemed best placed to lead on the recovery efforts due to the nature of the services which they provide.

We are also able to supply a wide range of assistance and resources, which can be supplemented by mutual aid arrangements where necessary, from neighbouring Authorities and the County Council. Assistance and resources include:

  • road closures and diversions
  • transport
  • reception, evacuees and friends and relatives centres
  • plant and equipment
  • building safety inspections
  • sanitation
  • maps and building plans
  • temporary accommodation
  • counselling for victims
  • interpretation
  • helplines
  • appeal fund arrangements
  • Environmental Health services
  • emergency lighting
  • clearance of debris and restoration of highways
  • provision of accommodation or equipment for temporary mortuaries
  • information bureau and media handling services

We have developed effective links between the emergency services, voluntary agencies and ourselves to ensure that we communicate effectively before, during and after incidents.