Empty homes

In the Harrogate district there are a significant number of empty homes. This is despite a buoyant housing market and pressure for new homes which are affordable for people who need them.

Empty homes are a wasted resource in terms of providing housing. They can also have a negative impact on their surrounding communities. They can lead to increased fly-tipping, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour. They may encourage squatting and have a negative impact on neighbouring property values or be a financial burden for many owners.

What we can do

We want to bring as many empty properties as possible back into use.

We have people on hand to provide advice for owners of empty homes so their property can be occupied once again.

Some empty or derelict homes can be brought back into use simply by giving advice and information about the benefits of occupancy to the owner.

In rare cases, the only option is to pursue an enforcement method to ensure essential repairs are carried out on a property or action is taken against unwanted nuisance.

Where there has been a long history of non-cooperation it can lead to the compulsory purchase of the property.

If you would like to report an empty property to us please complete our online form.

Report an empty property