Buying empty homes

Whilst we are unable to provide a list of empty properties in the district, if you're aware of an empty property that you're interested in buying, you'll need to try to contact the owner to see if they're willing to sell. You can do this in several ways:

  • delivering a letter addressed to “The Owner” to the empty property
  • talking to neighbours of the empty property to find out if they know any additional information
  • contacting the Land Registry for the name and address of the registered owner (there will be a small charge for this service)
  • using telephone directories, the electoral register, family history websites, etc. to obtain the owner's information (there may be a charge for some of these services)
  • contacting the Empty Homes Officer at we may hold information on the owner but for data protection reasons we're unable to disclose such information. However, where we hold contact details for the owner we can forward a letter to them on your behalf for them to contact you if they're interested in selling the property

Alternatively, if you are interested in registering your details to receive information on empty properties for sale please send your details to