The measures we can take

Compulsory purchase orders

Compulsory purchase of a dwelling carried out under Section 17 of the 1985 Housing Act (as amended). This allows local authorities to acquire property for either ‘quantitative or qualitative gain’. A CPO is the final solution to an empty property problem as it removes ownership from the current owner. Once the CPO is approved, the council would arrange the sale of the property, either to a Housing Association partner, to develop as affordable housing or on the open market subject to covenants ensuring the refurbishment and reoccupation of the property.

Enforced sales and empty dwelling management orders

Introduced as part of the Housing Act 2004, EDMOs involve the local authority taking over management of a property, carrying out works if applicable and then renting the property out. Management costs and any refurbishment costs can be reclaimed from the rental income - with any balance going to the owner.