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We deal with a range of problems quickly and efficiently using fully qualified officers.

Appointments and treatments

We aim to make an appointment within two working days but it may take longer in the busy summer months. We don't have an emergency out of hours service but treatments for wasps affecting schools, disabled people or people with allergic reactions will be treated urgently in normal office hours.

Treatments usually require between one and four visits.

Pests we treat

  • wasps
  • rats and mice
  • fleas, bed bugs and insects
  • ants
  • grey squirrels

If you are suffering from rats or mice caused by someone else, please email us at [email protected] or call us on 01423 500600, as we will investigate the source of the rodent problem and may be able to help.

Cost of treatments

Wasp nests are usually dealt with by a single treatment by spraying the entrance of the nest. A wasp nest treatment costs £50.40 for domestic properties (£36.00 concession). Any more than two wasp nests that need treating at your property at one time will be charged at £18.96 each. An example, total of three wasp nest treatments - two wasp nest treatments at £50.40 and one wasp nest treatment at £18.96. Removal of extinct wasp nest is £40.80 each.

Rats and mice
Treatments are usually spread over a month to six weeks. During this time, the pest control officer will make enough visits to complete the treatment. Usually they'll need access to the property so a key holder needs to be present. A risk assessment will decide which treatment is used and it can be affected by the presence of children or pets. We will clarify which pest you have during your treatment. A complete treatment costs £88.26 for mice and £97.20 for rats for domestic properties.

Fleas and insects
If you can't identify the insect causing the infestation, you can ask a pest control officer to phone you. They might be able to identify the insect over the phone or arrange to inspect a specimen in a sealed jar. Advice over the phone is free, but there's a call out charge of £31.56 per visit if the officer visits but delivers no treatment. The charge for a complete flea or insect treatment is £88.26 for domestic properties (£36.00 concession).

Bed Bugs
The fee for treating bed bugs is £162.60 for the initial room. It costs £78.72 for each additional room, and there's no concessionary charge for bed bug treatments.

Bees aren't generally regarded as pests. If a swarm of honey bees is a nuisance, we'll try to put you in touch with a local beekeeper, who may take them away. Harrogate and Ripon Beekeepers Association website has more information on honey bees.

A treatment can be provided for ants, but complete extermination can't be guaranteed. A complete treatment costs £50.40 for domestic properties.

Red squirrels are a protected species and therefore not considered to be a nuisance or a pest. Grey squirrels can be treated, but only if found inside buildings, usually the loft space. A squirrel treatment up to and including five visits costs £123.00 for domestic properties. Any more than five visits at your property will be charged at £49.20. The pest control officer will advise you on your options. You may be able to rent squirrel traps for £22.20 a month to capture and dispose of nuisance grey squirrels outside. But you have to agree to:

  • check the traps twice a day
  • humanely kill any trapped squirrels
  • red squirrels trapped accidentally must be released


Sometimes, treatments need to be reapplied to fully get rid of a pest, and new pests sometimes take over the space left empty by the eradicated pest. Our officers will decide whether the return of a pest is the same one requiring a retreatment, which is free, or a new pest infestation needing a new treatment, which will have to be paid for.

Please contact us on 01423 500600.

Our charging policy

The cost of our treatments is reduced for people who are registered disabled or receiving certain benefits. There will still be a call out fee if no treatment is needed.

Do you need a pest control contract?

Contracts are available to both businesses and domestic customers who have regular pest problems. Please call 01423 500600 to speak to a pest control officer about your requirements.

Pests we don't treat

  • badgers (protected species)
  • bats (protected species)
  • birds (including pigeons)
  • feral cats
  • foxes
  • moles
  • personal infestations (such as body lice - see your GP)
  • rabbits
  • woodworm (get a commercial treatment)

Report a rodent sighting

If you spot a rodent on your own or somebody else's property, contact our environmental protection team on 01423 500600 or email [email protected]. We can investigate the source of the rodent problem and may be able to help.

We have the power to make sure that people deal with rodents, such as rats and mice, in or on their property.

Please provide details of where and when you saw the rodent.

Other animal nuisances include:

  • dead animals - large mammals (bigger than cats) will be removed from public land and streets
  • bird flu - if you find five or more dead wild birds in the same place, read government guidelines and call the DEFRA helpline on 0345 933 5577
  • dog fouling - this is a health risk and we respond to reports from the public
  • stray dogs - we collect the dog and return it to its owner; kennel fees will be charged

By law, residents have a duty to keep their own property free of pests.

Book and pay for pest control treatments

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