Events and activities on council land

Did you know that you can use council owned or managed land to hold your event?

There are lots of different parks and outdoor spaces that are available for you to hire.

To hold an event, activity or to carry out filming on council owned or managed land you will first need to fill out the events enquiry form. Please include with your application as many details as you can in relation to your event, as this will allow us to process your request more efficiently.

Event Safety Management Plan

An Event Safety Management Plan (ESMP) is a vital document that outlines all the key command, control, communication and operational details of the event and how it will be delivered safely.


A minimum of 16 weeks is required for approval to be granted for your event.

Event fees

A non-refundable application fee is charged for every event to be held on council owned land. In addition refundable bonds are applicable to all events. A fee will be applied should we deem it necessary to attend your event on the day, as well as a fee for providing advice for any documents which are not adequate.

Drone devices

Please note that drones may not be flown from, or above, council land without permission granted by Harrogate Borough Council and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Filming and photo shoots

If you would like to film or take photos for commercial activity you must obtain permission to do so. Proposals that do not provide a minimum notice of 10 working days cannot be considered. Please complete and return the online events enquiry form.

Alcohol and entertainment licensing and street trading consent

Alcohol and entertainment can be authorised by a temporary events notice (TEN) where the total capacity is less than 499 people at any one time.

For events with a capacity of 500 persons or more, a premises licence will be required.

For further enquiries please contact the Licensing team.

Events enquiry form