Charging policy for events

We wish to encourage safe and enjoyable events to take place in council parks and open spaces. There is no hire fee chargeable for community-based events and charitable events (for event organisers based in the district). However, all event organisers will be charged a non-refundable application fee to secure the event date once the enquiry has been processed. This fee is not refundable should the event not go ahead for any reason. The charge is necessary to cover the costs of us reviewing event documentation and undertaking ad-hoc site visits in support of the proposed event.

A refundable bond fee is payable for all events - subject to pre and post-event site inspections, where we will check for any damage which may be caused to the infrastructure of the space from the event taking place.

All event organisers are responsible for ensuring that any fee related to the event which requires a PRS licence (Performing Rights) is obtained prior to the event taking place and a copy must be provided to us before the event can go ahead.

Hire fees are payable for commercial events and charitable events (organised by organisations outside of the Harrogate district).

Occasionally at larger or more complex events (and at the council's discretion), we may need to invest additional time and resources in specialist advice to review event documentation and provide day-to-day oversight of events on our parks and open spaces. In these instances, additional fees are payable and will be discussed with the event organiser in advance.