Locations available with the highest footfall are:-

  • Harrogate, Valley Gardens
  • Harrogate Town Centre pedestrianized area
  • Knaresborough, Conyngham Hall
  • Knaresborough, Market Square
  • Ripon, Spa Gardens and Park
  • Ripon, Market Square

Locations for other types of events:-

  • Harrogate, Belmont Park
  • Harrogate, Oatlands Park
  • Harrogate, Hydro playing field
  • Ripon, Camp Close
  • Knaresborough House grounds

The Stray, Harrogate is 200 acres of open grassland and verges which wraps around the main urban “old town” of Harrogate. It exists for the people of the town and is a popular spot for picnicking, kite-flying, outdoor games and local football matches.

Events on the The Stray are restricted each year as it is covered by an act of Parliament, the Stray Act 1985. The Act, and its byelaws, determine how it can be used while protecting the land, preserving this beautiful open space.

If you wish to book the Stray for an event, unfortunately this is not available for hire until 2021 due to the restrictions placed on it as well as other large events which are planned to take place.