Harrogate is always interested in supporting successful high quality events and so to help ensure high quality we seek to establish the type of event and its audience early in the planning process. As a result we will give you

  • support and guidance
  • organisation advice on Licensing, Health and Safety, event planning etc
  • promotion through Visit Harrogate
  • access to Safety Advisory Group (SAG) for advice and support

All events should not affect pedestrian flows, public safety, the general environment or the interests of the surrounding businesses and services and should not give rise to a nuisance to residents in the area.

Flyers are permitted but it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure no litter is caused from this activity. Flyposting is not allowed.

All events must comply with the requirements of the Police, Ambulance and Fire Service.

Events may benefit from Safety Advisory Group (SAG) advice and support. In accord with the SAG terms of reference, these are typically larger events involving higher risk activities.

The council reserves the right to cancel an event should the organiser fail to provide the correct detail of the type of event which is to take place stated on the booking form. Any fees paid prior to this will not be refundable should this happen.

Previous attendance of an event does not guarantee any future permission.

All events must comply with the council's conditions of use.

Any event which does not provide the correct documentation for the event will not be permitted to go ahead. In circumstances where it has been found that an event has taken place without the prior written permission, the council has the right to stop the event immediately and charge a fee retrospectively for that event, together with any other costs.

If an event includes music or any other sources of noise the organiser must provide information on the type of music/what they are planning. There is a requirement to prepare a noise management plan as part of the documentation to be submitted.

For more detailed health and safety and event advice please visit www.hse.gov.uk/event-safety and www.thepurpleguide.co.uk.