The written confirmation licence should be available for inspection on the day of the event, if requested.

The organiser will be responsible for the briefing and behaviour of any employees, contractors or volunteers involved with the event.

Petrol generators will not be allowed. Only silent running generators are permitted. The type and position of this should be covered in the noise management plan with details of any mitigation.

The event will not cause any nuisance to any other users of the space or to any adjacent properties.

Any litter deemed to have arisen from the event will be removed by the organiser from the event area and 50 metres surrounding the area during and after the activity.

The organiser must allow for any skips/bins as necessary to deal with the litter produced, and must not be placed within the normal council bins outside of the event area.

Vehicle movements within any space must be managed by the event organiser and must be included within the event management plan.

All vehicles must have their hazard lights on and must only go at a speed of 5mph when driving through any park.

The organiser will provide and have available throughout the event a public point of telephone contact in case of emergency or complaint. Such to be made available to the council and advertised to the public before and during the event. A written record of any calls received to be recorded as well as any actions as a result of such calls. Such records to be made available to the council upon request.