Small society lotteries

Small societies wanting to promote lotteries, such as raffles, tombolas and prize draws, need to register with us as a small society.

Before doing so, we suggest you read the guidance on small society lotteries.

Apply for a licence

The promoting society must fill in a small society lottery application form and send it to us while the promoted lottery is running. A copy of the small society lottery draw statement must be sent to us within three months of the draw being made.

The statement must be signed by two society members, aged over 18, who were appointed for that purpose, and it must be accompanied by a copy of the two members' appointment.

The initial fee is £40 and the annual fee is £20.

So that we can send the information to the correct person, please complete the small society lotteries contact form.

For more information and advice, contact us at, or call us on 01423 556843.

To renew your small lottery licence if it is no more than 14 days since your licence expired please complete the online small lottery renewal form.

Small lottery renewal form

Online enquiries form