What goes in your garden waste collection

You can place the following items in your garden waste bin or sack:

  • hedge cuttings
  • twigs and small branches
  • grass cuttings
  • leaves
  • cut flowers
  • prunings
  • plants
  • Christmas trees (which can also be taken to the household waste recycling centres)

Please do not include:

  • garden waste in plastic bags or sacks including compostable and biodegradable bags
  • food and kitchen waste
  • pet litter
  • bricks/rubble
  • plant pots
  • plastic (this can be recycled in your black boxes except for dark plastics)
  • soil, turf, compost
  • large branches
  • paper, cardboard (these can be recycled using your blue bags)
  • cans, glass (recycle these in your black boxes)
  • windfall fruit
  • Japanese knotweed

All garden waste must be placed in wheelie bins with the lid closed (or securely in the reusable garden waste sacks provided). We will not empty your bin or sack if garden waste is in plastic bags including compostable and biodegradable.

The garden waste we collect is recycled into compost.

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