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Play area at Ripon Leisure Centre consultation - closes on Monday 20 April 2020
Public consultation on Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy 2020-2025
Rapid charging points
My Health, My Tech survey

Play area at Ripon Leisure Centre

Works to build a new swimming pool at Ripon Leisure Centre has already begun. As part of this project, we will be investing £100,000 to build a brand new play area on the site. This is a great opportunity to create a 'destination' play area for Ripon.

This consultation will gather opinions from local residents to help us create the most suitable design for the play area. The public consultation report will be used to create a wish list for the design brief, which will influence the final decision.

Play area at Ripon Leisure Centre consultation

The closing date is Monday 20 April 2020. The final design for the play area will be available on the results and reports from consultations page in September 2020. We expect the play area to be open by May 2021.

Public consultation on Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy 2020-2025

We have reviewed our Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy 2020-2025, and it has now been released for consultation.

The industrial developments that occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries have resulted in some areas of our urban environment being affected by contamination. In addition, changes in the type and volume of refuse we produce has caused an increase in the amount of land being used to dispose of our non-recyclable waste. As a consequence we face a legacy of contaminated land which, in some cases, can be hazardous to our health and the environment.

The contaminated land regime places a duty on the council to inspect land within the district for the purpose of identifying and removing unacceptable risks to human health and the wider environment as a result of historic contamination.

In order to carry out this objective the council is required to prepare and publish a strategy for inspecting its area for contaminated land.

Your feedback is important to us and this public consultation will provide you with the opportunity to express your views on the council's Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy 2020-2025.

To submit your views please complete the Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy questionnaire.

The consultation closes the 25 March 2020.

Rapid charging points

We have been operating rapid charging points at the civic centre since December 2017. We are seeking user feedback so that we can improve the service and provide better value for the customer and the council.

We would appreciate your feedback to help us to make these improvements. 

My Health, My Tech

Let the North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board know your ideas for future digital health services

They would like you to share your ideas about how digital technology can be developed to provide better, more joined-up health and wellbeing services in the future.

For further information and to complete the survey please visit

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