The book is handmade and bound in leather, with vellum leaves. Pages are allocated to each day of the year and inscriptions are usually placed in the book on the date of death, or occasionally on a joint date, such as a wedding anniversary, especially if commemorating more than one person. The page is opened at the corresponding day so that entries can be seen. The book of remembrance is housed in a special room near Stonefall Cemetery chapel.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am until 4pm
Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: 10am until 4pm

If you're unable to view the book on a specific date, give our staff notice and they can open it to that date, if the specific book is available.

Electronic book of remembrance at Stonefall Crematorium

The electronic book of remembrance was developed to allow better access, but it's far from the only benefit. As well as a visual of the entry on the page in the Book of Remembrance you can also include:

  • inscriptions
  • up to four screens of text
  • up to four screens of photographs

These can create a unique memory of your loved one. The kind of information that might provide the basis of additional screens includes:

  • photographs
  • a brief biography
  • a favourite verse or piece of prose

Electronic book of remembrance online service

Our online book of remembrance allows anyone unable to visit the crematorium to see the book.

Memorial cards

Memorial cards are gilt edged and carefully inscribed to the same high standards as they appear in the book of remembrance. They're particularly suited for sending to friends and relatives.

Miniature books

Leather-bound miniature books are similar to memorial cards but are of a much higher quality. They can be used as personal family records, and you can add more inscriptions if you want to.

You can see examples of memorial cards and miniature books at Stonefall Crematorium office.

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