Local housing allowance

Working out your local housing allowance (LHA) rate

To work out the LHA rate that applies to your claim, we look at:

  • how many bedrooms you need
  • which LHA locality you live in
  • we then refer to the LHA rates set by the rent service and select the one that fits your circumstances

Working out the number of bedrooms

LHA rates are based on the number of bedrooms that you and the people who live with you need. This may be different to what you already have in your property, or different to what you would expect. One bedroom is allowed for:

  • every adult couple
  • any other adult aged 16 or over
  • any two children of the same sex who are aged under 16
  • any two children regardless of their sex that are under the age of 10
  • any foster children staying with you
  • any other child (but not if their main home is somewhere else)
  • a carer who provides regular, overnight care for you or your partner

We may also be able to allow an extra bedroom if you:

  • have a child who has a serious disability and can't share a bedroom because of this
  • are an approved foster carer and you've fostered in the last 12 months

The maximum number of bedrooms allowed is four.

A bedroom can't be allowed for a child who comes to stay with you if they normally live with someone else and another adult is usually responsible for them.

Local housing allowance rates

The shared accommodation rate

This refers to accommodation where you have your own bedroom but share other rooms with other people, such as in a bedsit or shared house. It applies to:

  • couples who live in shared accommodation
  • single people who live in shared accommodation
  • most single people under the age of 35 – but with some exceptions

Those exceptions are:

  • single people under 35 - if you're single and aged under 35, the LHA rate for "shared accommodation" will apply to you, no matter what size property you rent. However, if you're severely disabled, or are under 25 and are a care leaver, the one-bedroom LHA rate will apply to your claim regardless of the type of accommodation you rent
  • previously homeless - if you're aged under 35, live in self-contained accommodation and have previously lived in a homeless hostel for a total of three months, your claim may be based on the one-bedroom LHA rate rather than the shared accommodation rate. Contact us if you think this applies to you

The LHA area you live in

Locally, there are four sets of LHA rates. Where you live will determine which rate we apply to your benefit claim:

  • Harrogate - most customers live in the Harrogate locality and the LHA rate for Harrogate applies to their benefit claim
  • York - York rates will apply if you live in Angram, Bilton in Ainsty, Cattal, Green Hammerton, Hutton Wandersley, Kirk Hammerton, Long Marston, Moor Monkton, Nun Monkton, Thorpe Underwood, Tockwith, Wighill and Whixley
  • Leeds - Leeds rates will apply if you live in Askwith, Bickerton, Clap Gate, Denton, Farnley, Kirk Deighton, Middleton, Netherby, Sicklinghall, Weston and Wetherby
  • Hambleton and Richmond - this rate will apply if you live in Asenby, Baldersby, Cundall, Norton le Clay and Rainton

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